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What We’re Reading: May 20-May 23

Commemorating D-Day with historic aircraft flights. Increase your productivity with houseplants. OiMax/flickr/2008 Repurposing old buildings into a skate park, a hotel and a restaurant. What is Bill Gates reading? Time for the hand sanitizer, people. The Post Office is testing self-driving mail delivery for two weeks. Buy a house, get a visa, too. Take your

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BiggerPockets Podcast 331: 10 Deals on a $20K Waitress Salary With Ashley Hamilton

Ten doors free and clear on a blue collar salary—our guest shares how she did just that! Ashley Hamilton tells the incredible story of how she achieved success through real estate investing with little guidance. She also shares strategies for challenging markets, using BiggerPockets to develop a system, and more! View the full article: BiggerPockets

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