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Dropping the Cozy Product Review (for Members) + Avail Introduces Rent Guarantee

I previously mentioned our product category product reviews for the small landlord property management sector. As the next step on our mission to help Geek Estate Mastermind members build wildly successful real estate companies, the goal is to help generate ideas, analyze what’s working, figure out what’s not, map the landscape, and to illuminate what opportunities might exist.

The 5 products being reviewing as part of the first series:

In addition to dropping the Avail review publicly a month ago, we have two series updates to share today:

First, Avail announced some big news in the certainty landscape: a partnership with Steady, a Fortune 100 backed insurance company, to address landlord’s largest concern: whether their tenants will pay the rent. They will now provide landlords some of the best financial protection for their investment properties in the form of rent guarantee insurance.

Second, we dropped the product review for Cozy. The company was founded in March 2012 and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. In late 2018, the company was acquired by CoStar (a commercial real estate company, and owner/operator of for $68 millionAt the time of the acquisition, there were over 120,000 tenants making online payments through the platform, totaling over $1.4 billion in payments over those trailing 12 months. As of November 2019, Cozy is handling $3 billion in rent payments per year.

Want to read it? You’ll have to join the group 🙂

PS: The founder Gino Zahnd was the first guest featured in the Meet the Real Estate Tech Entrepreneur interview series way back in 2013.

Particularly if you’re a founder or executive at a company playing in the property management software space, we’d love to have you join us in the Geek Estate Mastermind.



There are four parts to membership:

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