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Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Marshall Beck from BrokerAssist

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Marshall Beck from BrokerAssist. He’s a recent addition to the Geek Estate Mastermind.

Who are you, and what do you do?

Marshall Beck here, Co-founder and CEO of BrokerAssist, and I do lots! Currently, my main focus is to add great value in helping real estate professionals manage and grow their businesses, with the BrokerAssist collaboration and referral network. I also write unscripted television shows and have a few projects in the works with a production company. I co-host quarterly wellness seminars and promote a vegan lifestyle; for the health and happiness of ourselves, the planet, and animals.

What problem does your product/service solve?

Think gig economy for real estate. As a real time, mobile marketplace for agents and brokers to collaborate on fractional assistance and referral needs, BrokerAssist solves the logistical problems brokers face with last minute showings, coverage while on vacation, referral needs, and more.

How do agents grow their businesses? By building teams. BrokerAssist is a cost-effective solution for the agent trying to grow their business without the budget for a full or part time assistant. It’s for the agents who would rather knock out a few more listing appointments than sit at an inspection, which could easily be covered for them by a fellow quality, licensed agent or broker. It’s also for the agents who have some free time to earn extra cash, and maybe a newer agent who’d like more experience at these tasks.

There is no industry wide platform for fractional assistance and referral networking where independent and national firms may collaborate for business growth. Agents and brokers are resorting to Facebook groups, email threads, phone/text, and other outdated and non-integrated payment options.

It’s time to move on from the expensive industry referral models that take as much as 33% of broker and agent commissions. These platforms have lengthy processes and are not on-demand as agents and broker expect, to ensure their referral opportunities are not lost. BrokerAssist solves this as the free on demand referral connection service for real estate professionals. We help keep brokers and agents at the center of their transactions.

What are you most excited about right now?

The BrokerAssist team is deep in QA, wrapping up some development features and starting the Beta testing process. These are exciting times as we move closer to our national launch to android and iOS app stores very soon! I am most excited to see how our technology is adopted and to learn from brokers and agents on how we can improve and expand our products and services as we grow.

What’s next for you?

Growth is next with a deep dive into building a robust BrokerAssist network. Our team has so many great ideas on next generation features and how to expand this platform into other real estate horizontals for additional application. To accomplish this, our next move involves fundraising among friends/family and angel investors.

What’s a cause you’re passionate about and why?

I am a vegan wellness and lifestyle advocate because I care deeply about our responsibility to sustain the happiness and health of ourselves, the planet, and the animals. It’s as simple as supply and demand. We vote with our dollars, and conscious consumption with a vegan lifestyle is a part of the future as we learn to live in harmony with Mother Nature during these modern times.

Meet The RE Tech EntrepreneurThanks to Marshall for sharing his story. If you’d like to connect, find him on LinkedIn here.

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