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Why are you not shopping around for a new broker?

When you are an experienced real estate agent looking for a new brokerage, you are thorough about interviewing companies that will be the right fit. You analyze change not only in terms of commission splits, culture, marketing, and support, but also in terms of what feels good for your business. You look for companies that fit your goals and will be good for growth. You have learned to interview brokers and not the other way around. You know the ins-and-outs of the business and feel confident that you will bring value to a company but the value needs to be reciprocal. Going through the trouble of changing companies without benefit for you and your business, would make absolutely no sense.

Oh the headache!! New business cards, property signs, branding! Going through all platforms changing brokerage names. Making announcements and making sure business is uninterrupted! Change and adjustment must come with a nice price tag and added value.

The easy way is not always the best way

No wonder so many agents remain in their good ‘ol boring companies for years. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! How lame is that!! And how can you really scale your business with your current status quo. Well…maybe you are happy with status quo, and that’s really ok – but what if a broker knocked on your door and promised you more money? (I’m not mentioning any names or the known company offering nice bonuses!!) <

But I’m not talking about magic pills here. I’m talking about not scaling your business because of lack of motivation, fear of technology, fear of hiring help, or worse: fear of change. So if a broker can guarantee efficiency so you have time to focus on real estate, would that catch your attention?

I know what you are thinking … you are an independent contractor. Shouldn’t you be responsible for improving your own business? That is NOT your broker’s responsibility. << sorry to say but although much of that is true, it’s also a good way for you to BS yourself. A good broker will go out of their way to continuously improve their tech and systems to make you productive and efficient. A great broker will do that and also make sure your needs are taken care of instead of forgetting you in the background and focusing on their new hires.

Is the value promised real?

The truth is that brokerages need money to make money – so if they claim they will provide value, they better give proof, not just tease you with the latest shiny object.

Let’s break down what’s important to you as an agent:

  • marketing (campaigns, quality print, custom design, brand awareness, drip campaigns, a creative marketing team)
  • tools (in one place, not having to jump around all over the web, and having the latest tech)
  • name recognition (is this really about the broker or your own brand and value?)
  • efficiency (cut down hours doing useless things that don’t make you money)
  • support (cut down hours doing useless things that don’t make you money)
  • leads (do you want a broker that gives you hand-me-downs or one that will provide A.I. and predictive analytics?)

Your current broker could be holding you back

The point of this article is to make you think of the unthinkable, change. Mediocrity is not an option, and although change is sometimes the answer for making great things happen, your decision should ultimately be about aligning yourself with powerful and smart people that will not just compliment your business but help it soar to new levels.

I challenge you to look back at your business and analyze how it has improved (or not) in the last year. Can you hear “change” calling your name? shhhhh…..if you listen, it will be clear as day.

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